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We have we Review Essay Example

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Strengthening Community Action Through Community Development Social Work Essay Essay Example

Strengthening Community Action Through Community Development Social Work Essay Essay Example Strengthening Community Action Through Community Development Social Work Essay Essay Strengthening Community Action Through Community Development Social Work Essay Essay Although the term authorization is often used, the handiness of high-quality research which demonstrates its success for bettering the well-being of communities is reasonably minimum ( Woodall et al. 2010 ) . There is, nevertheless, some grounds that shows that empowerment plans can take to better results for participants. For illustration, in analyzing the effectivity of intercessions utilizing community development attack, the Migrant Resource Centre of South Australia, which provides plans that marks particular community groups, including adult females, younger people, has recorded some promising ability to impact the lives of immature refugees ( MRCSA Annual Report, 2009 ) . In fact, this essay argues that while community development intercessions are hard to mensurate, the migratory Resource Centre of South Australia has registered important additions in the country of young person authorization. This essay will foreground the assorted intercession plans implemented by the Migrant Resource Centre of South Australia ( MRCSA ) . However, instance survey will concentrate on its young person empowerment constituent and to measure the overall effectivity of community development attack of the administration. To accomplish this undertaking, the essay is partitioned as follows. The first portion will analyze the definitions of authorization. The following subdivision will discourse about community development as a scheme and a theoretical account of pattern by the Migrant Resource Centre of South Australia ( MRCSA ) . The 3rd subdivision discusses the impact and challenges of this intercession. The concluding portion of the essay will measure the impact of MRCSA s youth empowerment plan among a figure of intercessions. Background and definition of the Concept of Empowerment In the 1990s the term authorization began to replace community engagement ( Rifkin, 2003 ) . Empowerment harmonizing to Rifkin has conceptually evolved from the thought of laic engagement in proficient activities to a broader concern of bettering life state of affairss of the hapless. This development can be traced historically in the countries of policy and in community activities. In the policy country, Rifkin proposes that three theoretical concepts can be identified to follow the altering position of participatory attacks from consensus edifice to empowerment. These Rafkin stated correspond to the political and political environment of the clip. The historical development of the construct of authorization helps explicate why there is no universally accepted definition of authorization ( Rifkin, 2003 ) . However a figure of bookmans defined it as a procedure ( McArdle, 1989 ; Laverack, 2005 ; Werner, 1988 ; Kilby, 2002 ) . McArdle ( 1989 ) defines empowerment as a procedure whereby determinations are made by the people who will have on the effects of those determinations. Similarly Werner ( 1988 ) and Laverack ( 2005 ) depict the construct of authorization as a procedure by which people are able to derive or prehend power to command over determinations and resources that determine their lives. Furthermore, Kilby ( 2002 ) depict a procedure by which disadvantaged people work together to increase control over events that determine their lives. Expansion of person s picks and actions, chiefly in relation to others aˆÂ ¦ basically a displacement of power to those who are disempowered. From a public wellness position, empowerment involves moving with communities to accomplish their ends ( Talbot A ; Verrinder, 2005 ) . This implies working with deprived persons or groups to dispute structural disadvantaged ( on the footing of category, gender, ethnicity or ability ) and act upon their wellness in a positive manner. The application of the construct into the field of wellness publicity as lineation by Laverack and Labonte ( 2000 ) is categorized in two creases ; the bottom-up scheduling and the top-down scheduling. The former more associated with the construct of community authorization begins on issues of concern to particular groups or persons and see some betterment in their overall power or capacity as the of import wellness result. The subsequently more associated with disease bar attempts begin by seeking to affect peculiar groups or persons in issues and activities mostly defined by wellness bureaus and respects betterment in peculiar behaviors as the of impo rt wellness result. Laverack and Labonte ( 2000 ) therefore viewed community authorization more instrumentally as a agency to the terminal of wellness behavior alteration. They argue that community authorization which is defined as a displacement towards greater equality in the societal dealingss of power is an ineluctable characteristic of any wellness publicity attempts. On a much broader scale authorization promotes engagement of people, administrations and communities towards the ends of increased single and community control, political efficaciousness, improved quality of community life, and societal justness ( Wallerstein, 1992 ) . The following subdivision is a instance illustration of how this attack is applied by an bureau in covering with inquiry of societal inclusion. Community Development: A instance of Migrant Resource Centre of South Australia ( MRCSA ) By reexamining the old definitions of authorization and analyzing MRCSA s model, It is clear that the worker in ( MRCSA ) understand and follow authorization construct similar to which all of McArdle ( 1989 ) ; Laverack ( 2005 ) ; Werner ( 1988 ) ; Kilby ( 2002 ) and WHO ( 1986 ) do understand and follow where authorization is a affair of giving people the right and the chance to exert power and control sing doing determinations that affect their wellness promoting. In add-on, in order to authorise migratory people and communities, the ( MRCSA ) provide and still supplying figure of intercessions based on community development theoretical account of pattern. Harmonizing to Tesoriero ( 2010 ) , community development is the usage of a set of ongoing constructions and procedures which enable the community to run into its ain demands. Similar to Tesoriero ( 2010 ) , Community Development is understood and implemented by the ( MRCSA ) as a many-sided plan of activities that concentrated on back uping the demand of new reachings and their new and emerging communities to understand their rights and duties, to associate into preparation and employment tracts and to develop webs of support within their local and in the broader community ( ) . In fact, The MRCSA has adopted Laverack and Labonte s ( 2000 ) bottom-up attack in implementing their plans by consult sing and working closely with leaders and cardinal representatives of new and r ising communities, including adult females and immature people, to back up them in deriving the cognition and accomplishments that they need to foster their independency every bit good as their capacity to back up and supply aid to their members. Furthermore, beside community development plans, MRCSA is supplying figure of adult females s protagonism plans, youth leading and engagement and employment protagonism plans, As good. The plans besides include Refugee Men s Talk, an inaugural back uping work forces to accommodate to their new societal environment. To guarantee and ease the engagement of new and emerging communities in their local countries and in regional countries where they settle, or resettle, the plan includes local authorities and regional enterprises. MRCSA believes that new and rising communities require a topographic point in which to implement their ain activities. The administration provides these through its ain community Centres and through linkages with other community installations. Besides, Given that community development as an attack require working across divergent domains, the Migrant Resource Centre of South Australia ( MRCSA ) maintain nexus with a figure of stakeholders. These include the Commonwealth Government, the province of South Australia and the NGO community. ( ) . At the degree of the Commonwealth Government, the links include ; Department of Immigration and Citizenship, Centrelink, Employee Advocate, Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs and Australia Council for the Arts. At the degree of the State Government the links are ; Multicultural SA, Department of Health, Department of Families and Communities, Department of Education and Children s Services, Skills SA, English Language Services TAFE SA, Arts SA, Office for Women, Women s Information Service, Women s Health State Wide, Local Government Association of SA and Be Active. The links within the Non-Government Sector includes ; Settlemen t Council of Australia ( SCoA ) , Refugee Council of Australia, Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia ( FECCA ) LM Training Specialists, SA Council of Social Service ( SACOSS ) , Service to Youth Council ( SYC ) , Working Women s Centre, Migrant Women s Support and Accommodation Service, Youth Affairs Council of SA ( YACSA ) , Anglicare SA, African Communities Council ( ACCSA ) , Middle Eastern Communities Council ( MECCSA ) , Volunteering SA and Northern Territory. Analyzing this web of webs from Labonte s, ( 1992 ) community development continuum, the MRCSA s plans deal with persons which transcend to little groups, community administrations, alliance protagonism and political action. With this broad array of webs, the organisation has been facilitated to keep a immense sum of societal capital and through careful co-ordination, it stands a batch to derive in accomplishing its primary aims ( Butter et al. 1966 ) The following subdivision will concentrate on one of its many plans in the country of young person sweetening. Youth Empowerment Program The Migrant Resource Centre of South Australia ( MRCSA ) works closely with the leading and cardinal representatives of its client communities, including adult females and immature people to back up them in geting the cognition and accomplishments that they need to foster their independency and self-government, every bit good as their capacity to help their members with their colony and engagement ( ) ) . These ends are achieved through a figure of plans including cultural leaders forum, grownup migratory instruction, community direction and leading forum by manner of support and leading preparation. This subdivision focuses on its youth empowerment plan with accent on the Newly Arrived Youth Settlement Services ( NAYS ) . The primary aim of this plan as outlined in the MRCSA Annual Report ( 2008-2009 ) is to authorise immature people to develop their ain plans and to go advocators for themselves, their households and communities. In partnership with TAFE SA, the MRCSA conducted a figure of preparation plans for immature people who were non engaged in school or work. Specific developing includes Certificate II in Information Technology, Productively Places Program Certificate II, Volunteering, work experience capacity edifice, apprentiships and traineeships ( MRCSA Annual Report ( 2008-2009 ) . Through its new arrival human-centered colony plan, the MRCSA has been an advocator and a voice for the inclusion and engagement of immature people of refugee background ( ) . Harmonizing to the 2010 MRCSA Youth Empowerment Program Annual Report, the plan has since 1998 addressed the demands of immature people from new and emerging communities in South Australia through a multi-faceted plan. The plan provides immature people with a scope of services that aim to foster their resiliency, leading accomplishments and tracts to employment and independency. The MRCSA Youth Empowerment Program for 2008-2009 provided aid to five 100s and 29 ( 529 ) immature people of refugee background, most of them recent reachings to South Australia, to accomplish some of their ends ( Annual Report 2009-2010 ) . These accomplishments were based on strong foundations upon which MRCSA operate. The following subdivision will discourse the guiding rules which form the footing of MRCSA s operat ions. MRCSA Guiding Principles The Migrant Resource Centre of South Australia s doctrine and attack in working with immature people from refugee backgrounds outline a figure of steering rules ( Annual Report, 2008-2009 ) . The rules discussed below indicate that MRCSA operates Laverack and Labonte s ( 2000 ) bottom-up attack of community development. The guiding rules include the followers: First, any young person plans, enterprises or activities are shaped and driven by the immature people themselves through audience with their equals. Second, immature people are encouraged and supported to talk for themselves to drive their ain development ; the function of the MRCSA is that of wise man and adviser merely. Third, the importance of immature people s connexion to household and community is recognized, valued and supported. Fourthly, the cultural, spiritual and cultural individuality and heritage of immature people is affirmed and respected. Fifthly, regard for gender differences and how these impact on the planning and bringing of the young person plan. Besides, immature people are active determination shapers. Finally, an action research attack informs uninterrupted service betterment and best pattern. These steering rules are based on the premiss that empowerment schemes focus on what people can make to authorise themselves and so deflect attending from societal issues ( Keleher et al. 2007 ; Keleher, and Murphy, 2004 ) . However, Labonte ( 1990 ) warns that unless national and international tendencies are taken into history, the decentalisation of decision-making may switch from victim blaming of persons to victimising powerless communities. In position of such warnings, Wilson et Al ( 1999 ) suggest that effectual primary wellness attention as in the instance of public wellness maps depends on attempts to associate local issues to broader societal issues. Intersectoral action can be used to advance and accomplish shared ends in a figure of other countries, for illustration policy, research, planning, pattern and support. It may be implemented through a myriad of activities including protagonism, statute law, community undertakings, and policy and programme action. It may take di fferent signifiers such as concerted enterprises, confederations, alliances or partnerships ( Health Canada hypertext transfer protocol: // ) What are the Barriers? In accomplishing their end of authorising communities, the Migrant Resource Centre of South Australia ( MRCSA ) faces a figure of disputing issues. When immature refugees arrive in Australia they face a figure of challenges. They need to get down a new life, set up new friends and webs and happen tracts that link them into mainstream community ( MRCSA Annual Report, 2008-2009 ) . Some immature people may besides be at hazard and demand to cover with issues around linguistic communication, spiritual individuality, heartache and loss, the justness system, consumer civilization and intergenerational tenseness ( MRCSA Annual Report, 2008-2009 ) . Young people besides need ways of covering with race, racism and their individuality ( MRCSA Annual Report, 2008-2009 ) . There are fewer chances for immature adult females from new and emerging communities to take part in athletics due to the barriers they experience from within featuring environments and their ain communities ( MRCSA Annual Report, 2009 ) . These barriers can be based on cultural, spiritual, and gender outlooks of immature adult females and their functions in their community. The study ( MRCSA, 2009 ) besides highlighted other factors impacting immature adult females engagement in athleticss. These include ; deficiency of parental support, perceived fright of racism, deficiency of cognition about the construction of athletics in Adelaide and high cost of rank and enrollment fees. On the other manus, community development attack can present barriers to Public Health Practitioners in a figure of ways. Epidemiological, sociological, and psychological grounds of the relationship between influence, control, and wellness, provide a principle for a community authorization attack to wellness instruction. For illustration, surveies show an association between impotence ( or likewise, learned weakness, disaffection, development ) and mental and physical wellness position. Analyzing the application of community authorization attack to wellness instruction, Israel ( 1994 ) identified a figure of restrictions and barriers to this attack. First, state of affairss where community members past experiences and normative beliefs result in feelings that they do non hold influence within the system ( impotence, dormancy ) and therefore, they may experience that acquiring involved in an empowerment intercession would non be worthwhile. Second, differences in, for illustration, s ocietal category, race, ethnicity, that frequently exist between community members and wellness pedagogues that may hinder trust, communicating, and collaborative work. Third, role-related tensenesss and differences that may originate between community members and wellness pedagogues around the issues of values and involvements, resources and accomplishments, control, political worlds, and wagess. Fourthly, trouble in assessing/measuring community authorization and being able to demo that alteration has occurred. Fifthly, the wellness instruction profession does non widely understand and value this Approach. Next, risks involved with and possible opposition encountered when disputing the position quo, for the person, organisations, and community every bit good as the wellness pedagogue. Seventhly, the short time-frame outlooks of some wellness pedagogues, their employers, and community members are inconsistent with the sustained attempt that this attack requires in footings of long- time committedness of fiscal and personal resources. Finally, the aggregation and analysis of extended sums of both qualitative and quantitative informations to be used for action every bit good as rating intents may be perceived as decelerating down the procedure. Inspire of these barriers, community development is still relevant to Public Health Practitioners. Epidemiological, sociological, and psychological grounds of the relationship between influence, control, and wellness, provide a principle for a community development attack to wellness instruction ( Israel, 1994 ) . For illustration, surveies show an association between impotence ( or likewise, learned weakness, disaffection, development ) and mental and physical wellness position ( Israel, 1994 ) . The challenges posed by community development attack besides extend to the wider sphere of province degree. The demand on authorities and competition for resources by professionals is a major obstruction. Similarly, Inter-professional misgiving and reluctance to portion information besides remains a major obstruction. The manner in which authoritiess fund sections can be an obstruction to coaction ( Baum, 1993 ) . It is hence argued that Stability of an administration and its staff is of import for interagency understandings and set uping trust ( Walker et al. 2000 ) . Walker ( 2002 ) further argued that Competition for resources can impact trust and intergroup struggle can happen when there is a deficiency of antagonists. However, insecurity brought on by political and economic uncertainness can ease political alliances ( Weisner, 1983 ) . Get the better ofing the barriers Get the better ofing the barriers will necessitate a conjunct attempt from communities, concerned administrations and authorities. The Proceedings of 2008 the Conference on Social Inclusion for New and Emerging Communities, outline some of the countries that need pressing intercessions are discussed below. Racism and favoritism Identified as a major country of concern, battling favoritism requires coordinated and targeted societal inclusion and human right steps. The focal point should non be limited to what occurs in a societal context ( e.g. schoolyard, public topographic points etc. ) but besides the systemic racism that supports favoritism, the prolongation of racial stereotypes, and institutional inclusion e.g. within the justness system, the employment sector and in the blocks to the acknowledgment of abroad makings and experience every bit good as the enrollment and use of these. Womans and safety Womans should hold the right to experience safe in their places every bit good as the broader community, to entree culturally appropriate services for themselves and their households ( e.g. wellness, child care, instruction etc ) , to larn English without it compromising their opportunities at happening a occupation and to set about preparation that prepares them for work and better their employment potency. Empowering immature people The voices of the diverseness of immature people instead than a nominal representative from new and rising communities must be listened to and give strong acceptance in the progress of a national or province model for societal inclusion. Supporting the authorization and engagement of immature people as future citizens and leaders of Australia will function the state culturally, socially and economically. Base on the above treatment in the instance of challenges to MRCSA operations, solutions to barriers could be summarized in this ; Barriers can be overcome through incorporate constructions, developing duty within constructions Support of local leaders, developing leading accomplishments for dialogue and coaction. Enhancing Regional networks/structures, established procedures and relationships are of import for coaction. Decision From the instance surveies, it was found that the Migrant Resource Centre of South Australia ( MRCSA ) utilize community mobilisation attacks to better equity of services, cut down institutional barriers within the society, heighten engagement in new and rising communities, strengthen civil society associations and make healthy societal policies. The plans demonstrated that chances for community voices to be heard had been increased and this had raised community capacity to maximize their demands and create alteration. This survey besides found that authorization can hold a positive impact on participants self-efficacy, self-esteem, sense of community and sense of control and, in some instances, authorization can increase persons cognition and consciousness and lead to behaviour alteration. These findings were peculiarly evident on young person authorization attacks and those programmes refering immature adult females.

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5 Things To Look For In A Promising Web Host

5 Things To Look For In A Promising Web Host Finding a promising web hosting company for your internet based business is an essential piece to the puzzle. This is the company that has control of your server space, web services and file maintenance, so you want to make sure you are protected. Here are 5 things to look for in a promising web host. Here are 5 things to look for in a promising web host. Reliability There is nothing more important than reliability when it comes to selecting a web hosting company. There are a number of things that can go wrong within an internet based business and it is assuring to know that your web host is there for you. Prior to selecting a company, take the time to look at the percentage of time their server is working properly. If the server tends to be down 15% of the time or more, this kills valuable time that you could be working. Contact info Part of a web hosting company being reliable is also them being available. If your server goes down, you want to know that you can get a hold of the company as soon as possible. The best way to check on the support personnel is to call them up prior to agreeing to anything to test them out. Domain name With thousands of internet based businesses on the web and millions of web addresses already taken, it can be difficult coming up with an original domain name. However, every web host should be able to provide you with one for a reasonable price. Check into the support they give you for finding a quality domain name and the prices each company charges for a domain name. CGI access Depending on the type of internet based business you have, you may want to or need to run your own programs. In order to do this, you must have CGI access. Not every web host offers this, and not every company offers the same capabilities for their CGI access. When researching into a web hosting company, check to make sure they offer CGI access that allows you to read, write, and execute on your server. POP account Having a POP account is vital for your business because of the protection that it offers. A POP account gives you password-protected access to mail that is sent through your website email address. There are several things you want to look into prior to selecting a web hosting company. The more questions you can come up with to ask the company and the more research you put into your decision, the better off you will be.`=

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Racial Harassment Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Racial Harassment - Article Example   According to the Giuffre and Williams study (1994), one of the four contexts in which the respondents identified actions as being examples of sexual harassment reinforces the idea of dominance as it refers to the exploitation of a powerful position for personal gain. In a situation in which the majority race controls many of the lucrative and influential social positions, racial harassment might be seen as being used to reinforce that dominant position. It highlights the fact that the harasser is in a position to get away with actions that are unfair because of his membership of the majority and powerful race. The psychological effect of this on the victim is great. Researchers have been examining the connection between post-traumatic stress disorder and the effects of racial harassment on the victim. Racial harassment has been considered by some of these psychologists as an injury that behaves like a disorder (Carter, 2003). When reinforcing words by a member of the powerful maj ority are used in a situation in which the subordinate position of the victim is already evident, the harassment has the violating effect of legitimizing the victim’s subordination and making him or she feel that the unjust relationship between the races is the correct one. In this way, racial harassment certainly exposes its usefulness in keeping the subordinate group in mental and physical subjection to the oppression of the dominant race. Another of the four contexts in the Giuffre and Williams study (1994) depicted racial harassment in which a member of a minority racial group harassed a member of the majority group. This offers a new perspective on the topic, because it seems to demonstrate a situation in which racial harassment occurs not as an attempt by the dominant race to keep the subordinate one submissive, but rather as a (possible) reaction by a member of the subordinate race to the oppressive nature of the race relations in his or her environment. This can be seen in the case of a minority man’s harassing a white woman.

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Reflective Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Reflective - Case Study Example After LAS attended the scene, they found her GCS to be 11/15, and a spot measurement of random blood sugars resulted in a value of 2.5 mmol/L. Through this reflective case study assignment, I will critically review the care provided by me as the first responder. I will also analyse whether the care was in conformity with the NICE guidelines (Qureshi et al., 2005). For this assignment, I would use Gibbs model of reflection since this is useful in nursing, and this adds to the new knowledge in order to develop a care plan within a single reflective cycle (Wilding, 2008). Reflection is a process of self-inquiry and transformation towards realising desirable practice as a lived reality. As such, reflection is both the research and developmental tool. By reflecting on my everyday practice, I have a chance to become increasingly mindful of myself within the practice, care delivery, and the way I do it. I may become more aware of the way I think, feel and respond to situations as they unfold. I may become more sensitive to the people within those situations, whether patients, their friends or relatives, or my colleagues. As a consequence, I can respond more in tune with my values and more skillfully with my patients and others, which is desirable from me as a person delivering care. The reflexive narrative is presented as an exemplar of researching self as a process of self-inquiry and transformation (Souter, 2003). The... To begin with, however, it was difficult to discern where to begin. It has been suggested that using a framework would be better (Chabeli and Muller, 2004), so it makes the reflective process structured and guided. I personally feel those who are very experienced would not need a framework for reflection. For me as a nurse as a means of reflective practice, I have and would always prefer to have a framework, and I choose the Gibbs (1988) reflective cycle in my reflections on my practice. From my experience and previous reflective episodes, I have seen that reflection is a dynamic and cyclic process. Therefore, a framework with overt cyclical approach would be most suitable. Gibbs formulated his reflective cycle while attempting to explain experiential learning, and in each step of the cycle, the reflective practitioner is faced with a series of questions that both guide and provide structure to the reflective process on practice. This process starts with a phenomenon and description of the event, and in each step, there are questions that lead to further critical analysis leading to a plan of action and then re-reflection on the changes. Reflections needs to take place at a conscious level that allows a nurse to make decisions about her learning, and critical analysis of such will also consider thoughts and ideas, evaluation of them, and making conscious informed choices about the future course of action in a given scenario. Most of the student life nursing placement s lead to experiences which are based on observations in the clinical scenario of actions or practice of other people. This definitely helps the nurses to gain experience and technical skills. However, reflection is a process to review those experiences, so a closer and critical

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Microbiology and Bacteria Essay Example for Free

Microbiology and Bacteria Essay Microbiology is the study of microorganisms which must be viewed with the aid of a microscope or electron microscope. The importance of microbiology includes: used in biomedical research, creation of medicines, environmental applications and new research tools. Disease causing organisms include: protists, bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. Bacteria are important for fixing N2 in a usable form for plants. Bacteria and some fungi are important in decomposition and recycling of raw materials. Industry applications of microbiology: waste management, food industry, mining, medicine, research and biotechnology. 1660’s Robert Hooke observed microorganisms for the first time with a microscope and coined the term â€Å"cell†. 1632-1723 Anton van Leeuwenhoek credited with having observed the first bacteria. 1828-1898 Ferdinand Cohn developed the first classification scheme based on bacteria shape. Cohn detailed and described the life cycle of Bacillus. Cohn’s Classification System: Sphaerobacteria are spherically shaped. Microbacteria are rod shaped Desmobacteria are filamentous Spirobacteria are spiral shaped 1822-1895 Louis Pasteur Defined pasteurization to prevent spoilage of food by bacteria, develop vaccines and disproved the scientific dogma of â€Å"Spontaneous Generation†. He defined â€Å"Germ Theory† and demonstrated that germs were responsible for disease. 1843-1910 Robert Koch identified anthrax and developed agar growth medium. Koch’s postulates was a systematic method to establish the microbial cause of disease. Ignaz Semmelweis was the first to recognize the need for good hygiene during medical procedures. The first to identify nosocomial infections. 1827-1912 Joseph Lister developed antiseptic methods for use in surgery and medicine. 1854-1915 Paul Ehrlich developed chemotherapy to cure infectious diseases and discovers antibiotics to treat sleeping sickness and syphilis. 1881-1951 Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin and lysozyme. 1864-1920 Dmitri Ivansvski discovered the first virus which is known as the tobacco mosaic virus (TMV). 1952 Hershey Chase Experiments identified that DNA was the genetic material of bacteriophages. Hershey Case Experiment: using phage radioactively labeled with P32 (DNA) or S35 (protein) they infected bacteria cells. They found the P32 inside the bacteria not S35. Recommendations for Success in Microbiology Successful completions of general biology 2 semesters Knowledge of basic chemistry and biochemistry Basic understanding of classification Review layout of text book used in the course. Read and master learning objectives laid out in the text book. Master definitions presented in the course.

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Five Major Social Institutions :: essays papers

Five Major Social Institutions How has my personality been shaped by the five major instutions? Firstly, my family is one of the most influential parts of my life. My family has taught me all the values that I think that I would need in life. I was not raised in an abusive family, which shapes my personality by making me less aggressive towards my peers, and teaching me that you can^t get your way through force, but by patience. I think that my family has positively affected my life through treating me like I^m a person, something that gets hurt easily. Does education really affect the way I am? Maybe not directly, but indirectly. Education is a means of teaching some values, but that^s not education^s main purpose. Education teaches us about a great many things. In kindergarten, you learn the alphabet and to count to ten, in elementary school, you learn penmanship, and the four basic ways to get seventy through a chain of addition, grammar, and we start to want to do our own thing instead of everything that our parents want^s us to do. So, does education really affect our personality? No, it does not affect us. But, our friends at school do. Our friends will be either our good friend, or our worst enemy by the time we^re in high school. Friends shape the most of our personality out of the family. Another way that our friends have shaped the way that we are, is the way they treat us. For example, your friends call you names, talk trash behind your back, and generally talk trash around you now do you think that you would have good self-esteem? I do not think that would be possible, even if your parent are always calling you nice things, spoiling you rotten, you would still have bad self-esteem. The economy is a very essential part of our daily life, it shapes what shape our town or city will be in. If the economy is poor, do you think that it will draw a huge tourist crowd if the whole town or city was a ghetto? I personally do not think so. I think that it would turn out to be a heavily gang populated city, with many drug deals and prostitution going on. Luckily I was not raised in the ghetto, not to say that I am a particularly rich person, my family is just a little off to the good to do side, but not really. The economy has shaped the way that I am by where I was raised, I was for the majority of my young

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Memories of the mentor Essay

Often in our lives comes a person who leaves us completely changed and different, even to ourselves. In my life such a role has been played by a number of individuals combined but one of them whose influence was maximum was late Mr. Salim, my English teacher during O Levels. May Allah bless him a place in Paradise. I have never met such a person in my life, so gentle, so broad-minded. Even now when I remember him smiling, a smile appears on my face as well and I pray for him. He was a unique man; unique in, perhaps, every sense of the word. I had known him before I came to O Levels. He had been my Oral English teacher during the 8th class but he took only one period every week and hence we knew very little about him. When I entered O Levels he was our Class Teacher as well as our English teacher. He was aware of the fact that we were not very good in English and that we needed a lot of hard work. He gave us a nice little lecture about the new challenges we were going to face and how we were going to deal with them. He told us that everyday for the first five to ten minutes one boy was to come in front of class and make a speech, on any topic he wanted to talk, in English. The students were to come roll-number wise. This was perhaps the most interesting items during my first year at O Levels. Everyday in the morning a boy would come, often reluctantly, and tell Mr. Salim what the topic was. Many times it happened that the student said that he had not prepared anything. Then he would say, with a matchless wave of his hand which I remember clearly, â€Å"Well, then do it offhand. Go on, speak on anything you want, anything you choose.† The thing which impressed me most was his vast knowledge. Before the student started his speech, he would give a little introduction on that topic, and no matter what the topic was he always knew something about it, even if it was like ‘Eating insects for food in the Far-East’! I was a shy student at that moment and I knew that the speech-process would help me in over-coming it. When my first speech was drawing nearer and nearer, I searched for a unique topic. I had taken it as a challenge to find a topic about which Mr.Salim would know nothing. After a lot of search I found one: Antimatter. This was, I think, the real beginning of my relationship with Mr.Salim. When I came to make my speech, he asked me about the topic and I told him. For the first time in my life I saw an expression of unawareness on his old face. â€Å"Ah, well,† he said, â€Å"its something about modern Physics.† And then he beckoned me to make the speech. Now I had become a person he recognized. In fact, I think, he was impressed. A few days after that he praised me for an essay I had written. I used to do assignments given by Mr.Salim with great zeal, perhaps just to hear a word of praise because when I did hear one by him, I felt myself elevated. I wouldn’t say I was very bad at English but I was not very good either. I was just an average yet somehow, slowly and gradually, like the dawn on a wet day, I was converted into a person who could write a good piece of English. I owe a lot of it to him, a lot. He understood the way we worked. He knew that we were short of time and we had a lot to do, but he knew that if he applied too much stress we would break, and so he went slowly. At that time we thought that it was folly on his part that he took us gradually, while the other sections were covering their syllabus rapidly, but now after it is over, I realize it wasn’t folly but wisdom on his part. And I’m thankful to him for the fact that he made English for us a lovely subject. While telling us the meaning of adolescence he pointed towards me, as I had at that moment faint traces of a mustache. Although I have shaved off that mustache long ago, I can never erase that memory. During his last days he taught us the past papers and he would share with me my book of past papers, which I did with great pleasure. If it had been just the love of English, I would never have written this article. He gave us a lot more than that. The outstanding among them is the broadening the horizon of my way of thinking. He was old, but he was not orthodox or conservative. He was a liberal and modern person. He understood the requirements of the modern age and he spoke fluently about it. Often, his views on Islam created disturbance among the ‘orthodox Muslims’ of our class. Topics like ‘Music, Nationality, Hadood Laws and Taliban’ were a cause of heated discussion. He had a weak and gentle heart. He couldn’t bear unjustice to anyone, even to his enemies. He was highly against the ‘Maulvies’ and called them ,’Semi-illiterate, half-educated mullahs, they want to keep us in the past, centuries back.’ He was aware of the fact that the people are apt to use their emotions rather than mind, especially in matters of religion, and this is, perhaps, his greatest contribution. He taught me to use my brain, not my emotions, for emotions are blind. He developed in me a hatred for rage and emotional acts. Yet, he was believer of freedom of speech, and whenever any student of the class objected on his views, he would allow them to say whatever they wanted to say. He would say to them, â€Å"I respect your views but I do not agree with them.† He never forced anyone to change his views. Once the topic of ‘Basant’ was under discussion and a few students of our class were speaking against it for in their view it was ‘against Islam’. He said, â€Å"Why don’t you people understand, its just a regional festival, why involve religion in this? You don’t want to celebrate it, fine, but why do you force others to do what you want? Live and Let live!† All his life he wanted to gain more and more knowledge. Perhaps, the only field in which he was weak was modern Physics. A few days before he came to know about his disease, I was sitting in the class reading the book ‘A brief history of time’ by ‘Stephen Hawkings’ and he saw me reading it. He asked me if he could see it and I gave it to him. He then discussed with me a little about Stephen Hawkings. He said that there was another book by the same author in the market and I told him that I had read that one too. Then he asked me that if I had read it could I give it to him for reading, and I told him that he could take it for reading at that very moment for I was reading it for the second time. He thanked me and took it. But he never returned it to me because we learned only a few days later that he had stomach-cancer and was now on long leave from the school. A few months after that, he died. I don’t feel anything bad about that book, in fact I feel happy that he had with him something I had given, when he died. I remember exactly the last day he spent with us. He was checking our assignments day and while he was checking mine, he asked me what the word ‘mentor’ meant for I had used it in my assignments and he wanted to know whether I knew its meaning or not, and I told him that it meant a ‘wise teacher’. He gave me an ‘A’ on that composition and I feel, I just feel, that the moment he wrote an ‘A’ on my notebook it was written in my fate that I would get an ‘A’ in English. When my result came and I had scored straight As, the person I remembered the most was Mr.Salim. He was a patient person and bore everything with courage and determination. His son had died in an accident but he had kept himself steady and carried on with his life. He adopted a son and he once told us about him. He was very nice with his students and gave us a lot of time to complete our assignments but when a student wouldn’t do any work for months he would say, â€Å"Show me your knuckles, show me your knuckles,† and then he would give a blow on them with a wooden duster. I think I won’t forget him my whole life. I remember him quite often; his words, his expressions, his speeches, his advises, his laughes and his smiles. He was a little hard of hearing and whenever he a person said something he couldn’t understand, he would bring his hand to his ear and say with an unparallel expression, â€Å"Pardon?† I remember it clearly, every moment of it. He never gave me any special treatment, he treated me like any teacher would treat a normal good student but the way he has influenced me is astonishing. I love that person. His death was a big loss, a big loss. I sometimes feel that I never got the time to tell him how much thankful I was to him, and that how much I owed to him, and that how much I loved him but he went away, unaware that he had changed the whole life and way of thinking of a person. At times when I remember him, I feel that he can see what I am doing and that he is happy. I feel that somehow he knows that how much I loved him and how much I am grateful to him. I know that some of his ideas were wrong and in some points he misunderstood Islam but I also believe that it was all due to his gentle and nice nature and he had no bad intentions, and I also hope and pray that Allah would forgive him for his mistakes because he did them in good faith. I believe that Allah is gentle with gentle people, and Mr.Salim was certainly a gentle person. Through this article I just want to thank him because I feel that he is reading this article. I just pray that Allah blesses him with a place in Paradise.

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Cannabis and Health Canada

Cannabis has been a part of human existence for thousand of years. People used cannabis as a necessity of life. People depended on cannabis to live longer than they depended on money. Today In Canada, cannabis was scheduled In the same class as heroine in Canada. Health Canada has a program for medical cannabis patients but that is not enough because growing cannabis is illegal and people cannot use it as a medicine if they cannot pay a hefty fee for license and doctors. The doctors would prescribe the patients any pharmaceutical drugs before cannabis.They forgot (or uneducated) that cannabis was humans' main medicine and pharmaceutical drug as only a man-made substitution. Decentralized cannabis Is an advantage for black market drug trafficking, fraud and opportunities for pharmaceutical company to take advantage of dying patients to pocket millions of dollars on prescription drugs. This has to be changed. Teenagers and young adults should be taught differently about cannabis in Can ada. They should be told the truth of how cannabis was mandatory for the Canadians before the refer madness and how cannabis was once considered as a medicine In human history, rather than a scheduled drug.They should be Informed that cannabis should be one of their medication and they should eave the freedom of choosing to use cannabis correctly and safely. Oh Cannabis! Was created in 2014 as an educational exhibit for students from 16- 21 . The target audiences are young people who would like to learn the medical benefits of marijuana in an educational way. They are interested on the reasons Justine Trusted spoke about cannabis to elementary students and wondered if what the government taught them about cannabis Is updated and correct Oh Cannabis! Ivies updated data and Information on cannabis use, pros and cons, true/false Information of cannabis, where in Canada that has the most grow pop raid and the history of anabas in Canada. Alcohol and cigarette is the two most dangerous d rugs that have been regulated for people who are over 19 years of age. The government should do the same thing for the safety of teenagers (teenager 5 has been using cannabis before cigarette or alcohol) and to bring back what was once a mandatory plant In human history Display type is Babes Nine Regular.It's strong for regular typeface and therefore gives better contrasts to the headers. Headers are strong and need to be legible. Babes Nine has both of those characteristics and with a right contrasting colors, it loud make a good header for the header for the color palette of Oh Cannabis!. Body type Is Thinners Regular. It Is a nice, tall typeface that Is Interesting to read. It Is a sans serif font that has very Interesting numbers, With the black and white choice of contrast, the font stands out nicely.With a nice leading, the font gives itself a dramatic and clean look. It is good for body type because of its high legibility. It makes a different choice of font since it is not t he regular Helvetica or Myriad Pro. Oh Cannabis! Is an interesting, dramatic and adventurous brand for young people ho are In high school or college. Red and yellow are hormonally with green color like red and yellow but white also works as well on red and green. For IMPS 16, yellow was not 100% Y therefore, would be acceptable to use with white. Oh Cannabis! Incidental match the shade of Restrain colors; the colors are well known in the cannabis culture. The colors work out perfectly for the brand and would be easily recognized for the topic it holds. As an exhibit for cannabis in Canada, cannabis leave is the number one imagery that would be used throughout the brand. The symbol of the medicinal cross represents he medicinal purposes and properties of cannabis. When thinking about using marijuana, the method that is used a lot other than rolling papers is smoking through water pipes, also known as bongs.It is more visible and not being mistaken as a cigarette. It is also suitable for the age group and would catch attention of the main target audiences. This exhibit is related a lot to Canadians; therefore the map of Canada is the best option that could represent where the information for this exhibit came from. Cannabis leaf is presented in every single one of the brand imagery as the entire topic is about cannabis. The first identification signage is located on Don Mills Road, the main road that would lead to the entrance of Ontario Science Center.The banner will contain the name of the exhibit, images, date and venue where the exhibit is held. The banners would be printed on hemp fabric with vinyl coating to withstand the weather (avoiding paint to fade under the sun and rain). The pole is 100% hemp wood and the strings to tie those banners will be made of hemp fiber. After the exhibit, the whole pole would be taken down and recycle. As an CEO-friendly exhibit, most everything that is presented is made out of hemp and is recyclable. The main identification signage will be positioned at the main entrance.It is 10 feet tall and can be seen from far away, The title, word mark and date of the exhibit is painted on cutout hemp panels and put on top of the main signage as it would be seen from miles away, The door frame would be made out of hemp wood panels to keep the organic look and texture. To create an adventurous feel, the doorway is decorated with hemp paper cutout of cannabis leaves, to imitate the entrance of the cannabis Jungle. The map of the exhibit site is located at the main entrance of the Ontario Science Center. The map would be printed on hemp paper and laminated to a hemp wood panel with vinyl top coating.It would show the map of the 6th level, where the exhibit would be held. The services that would present in the map are: washroom, payphone, emergency exit (stairs that will lead to the lower level), elevators, escalators, food service, automated electronic defibrillator and designated pot smoking area of the floor. It w ould be used to give directions to visitors and to provide correct emergency services. To make the theme even better than any other exhibit and to promote the use of cannabis, a rule of only cannabis smoking/ use loud be present for the patio of this floor.An offset of Ontario Science Center will be Oh Cannabis! Landmark is in the shape of a large water pipe (also known as a bong). It would be made of solid hemp wood, painted red and with the exhibit brand mark painted white. The landmark is painted red as an intention so everyone could to see it from a great distance. Red is the most noticeable color on the map therefore people would remember to look for a enormous red bong. Using the same water pipe image as the brand imagery to make sure to people they know what they are looking or, the band mark is built through out the exhibition.The brand mark and imagery is painted white on the red bong. The landmark is located left of at the 6th level main entrance (where the main escalator and elevator exit is). People need to see the landmark on the left to avoid turning right and wandering the right side of the floor. From the landmark, there is a hallway going to the right and it will take visitors to the main exhibit site. Directional signage will lead visitors to the correct services they are looking for. Directional signage is made with hemp wood panels on a hemp wood pole. The writings and arrow would be painted on the panels and nailed onto the pole.The brand mark of the exhibition is on the top panel of the signage to make sure that the direction is belongs to the location of the exhibit. The panels would direct visitors to services such as washroom, restaurant, smoking area and emergency service. The directional sign would be placed at the exit and entrance of the exhibit. It is helpful for finding locations for emergencies and other services quickly when the visitors are on the exhibition site. On the door of the bathrooms, there are cannabis image to prese nt that the visitors are in the closest washroom of Oh Cannabis!.The exhibit display contains the main information of the exhibit; cannabis in Canada. Exhibit display is designed and printed on hemp paper then laminated to a hemp wood panel. It would be placed in the middle of the exhibit, where everyone can gather to take a look at the information and graphics on the topic of cannabis in Canada. The display panel included information on history of cannabis, the definition and the myths were told. It also includes the pros and cons of cannabis use and how many young people are voting for the legalization of cannabis.The display panel used the same color palette as the brand mark to create the unity for the brand. The information on the panel is selected from different sources of news and researches. Kronor is a lifestyle and health magazine focusing on cannabis culture in Canada and world-wide. It brings updated cannabis news, people's life with cannabis, medical benefits of marijua na and current status of legalization of marijuana in Canada and the world. KRONOR – is pronounced like â€Å"chronic† that is another street name for cannabis. Ironically, cannabis is used to treat a lot of chronic conditions like cancer, reps, anorexia and so many more.As a medical cannabis magazine, it is important that the target audiences understand the meaning behind the name of the brand. The name KRONOR would appeals to medical cannabis users at any age and gender. Cannabis Culture and 420 Magazine. Even they are the magazines that focus mainly on the recreational use of cannabis, they are more established and sponsored by the biggest corporations of the industry. However, Kronor would focus on the information of cannabis in Canada and would attract Canadians worldwide. Kronor also is used to promote the cannabis industry in Canada.The target audiences for the magazine are anyone who use or have interest in cannabis as a medicine. They are in the age group of 2 5-35. They have mid income of annually. They are health conscious and they know the health benefits of cannabis. They want to see the change in cannabis legalization. Images should reflect the dramatic debates over the legalization of marijuana. Background image represents the feature article of the issue. NAMEPLATES Placement of the nameplate is optional according to the cover image. However, the ideal position for the nameplate is centered at the top of the cover image.It also affects the determination of the color of the nameplate. A nameplate contains the issue number and the issue dates. It locates under the logo for easier eye-flow. BANNERS Banner contains the bar code, magazine website and price of the issue. Banner is placed on the left bottom corner of the magazine. IMAGES Images must reflect a healthy, positive and earthy tone of voice. Background should contain images of cannabis and/or the current events that related to the feature article. Images should be adjusted to c ontrast with the feature article title and the nameplate.

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Roman Inscriptions on Tomb essays

Roman Inscriptions on Tomb essays It is an often posed idea that the messages we leave behind with our discarded and or memorialized everyday objects will be interpreted thousands of years from now, by historians and archeologists to let those that live long after us have some idea of who we were. Roman history is a compilation of fragmented written works, but is much more dependant on archeological evidence for existing information. The evidence of the Roman Empire stretches across practically all of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, and much of it is in the form of archeological ruins. Some of these ruins are significant to Roman culture in that they still sport the writing of real everyday Romans. One artifact that has recently come to the forefront as a grouping of very telling artifacts is tombstone inscriptions. From the dead Roman guys we get a lofty interpretation of idealized society, as well as many messages of rhetorical musing, all of which is valuable, but from tombstone inscriptions we get a sen se of the everyday man and woman, and what was important for their ancestors to memorialize them with. Seneca in De Providentia writes, Fate leads us on and the first hour of our birth has ordained the rest of each persons life. Cause depends on cause, the long series of things lengthens [the chain of] public and private events. Therefore we must endure everything courageously. 1 The philosophers, who have determined a great deal of the understanding we have with regard to Roman society and Roman beliefs and ideals, discuss lofty ideas about the nature of the divine, the place of providence and the manner in which all men live their lives, by providence from birth to death. While in contrast the tombstones of everyday people express how people really lived and what was important to them, almost regardless of their beliefs in the lofty ideas of those like Seneca and other philosophers. In Sheltons extensive A Sourceb...

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Foreign Investment and Joint Ventures in China Essay

Foreign Investment and Joint Ventures in China - Essay Example oming in of foreign investment can only be remarked as being positive, in the right direction and one that is aimed at the betterment of the common Chinese populace. The environment of foreign investment is such that even the US investors have started putting their money in the reserves of the Chinese threshold. [Robinson, 1987] They have understood that the future is with China and hence it gives all the more reason for them to put their money where the coming times are favored more. Being an Asian giant, it draws a lot of foreign investment from its Asian neighbors as well as that from Japan, which similarly has rose a lot in the economic sectors since it was bombarded in the Second World War in 1945. Apart from that, joint ventures are the name of the game with Chinese neighbors like India, Pakistan and Russian States investing heavily in fields like ammunition, artillery, roads, heavy transport bridges and so on and so forth. [Li, 2003] Add to that, technology remains one of the main factors for which the foreign investors turn towards the Chinese markets and as is expected and predicted, in the years to come, more and more people would turn towards them as the future looks bright. There are as such very little or negligible restrictions or clauses in the wake of investing in the Chinese markets and thus it gives all the more reason for the foreign players to call China their second home, especially when investments are concerned. China has attracted foreign investment of late by sending its troupes of investors and high profile businessmen who give presentations and tell the people of the country they are visiting about the benefits that they could draw from investing within China. [Beltz, 1995] More than that, it is a plus point that the people from different countries visit China themselves to give in their money. This could only be termed a positive sign and one on which Chinese government is proud of. [Kapuria-Foreman, 2003] With regards to the WTO pact

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Movie review of Jesus of Montreal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Movie review of Jesus of Montreal - Essay Example The other scene which is common to the biblical accounts in the Gospels is Daniel’s conversation with a lawyer. The lawyer makes a lucrative offer to Daniel and offers him ways to make Passion play very popular. As the media lawyer tries to buy Daniel and his play, one is inundated by the disparagement, the obliteration of values, and the obscenely easy money ("Jesus of Montreal "). This temptation is similar to the biblical account where the Devil had taken Jesus to a high mountain and offered him the riches of the world if he would bow down and worship him. Daniel is also offered money high above the city where the viewer becomes aware of power and possession of personal gain. The scene of the subway station serves as a desperate plea against the materialistic world. Pascal who is Daniel’s friend was on the poster advertisement for men’s cosmetics. To Daniel’s dismay, he is the same person who had earlier recited the prophetic words from Dostoevsky play ("Jesus of Montreal "). Now he was the person who had sold himself to the media executive to be part of the materialistic world. To Daniel, this is unfaithfulness and treachery of friendship which is similar to Judas’s betrayal to Jesus. Thus the divination of the Dostoevsky play at the start of the film has come true: removing God from society can only guide and direct to the insignificance of good values and to a situation in which meaning is developed solely from the profitable value of its people and culture ("Jesus of Montreal ").